Creating Healthy Lifestyles has been a big boost to my life in so many ways. Sonja Kabell knows her “stuff”. Having a weekly appointment gave me incentive to stay focused on how I eat, why I want to overeat and how to make healthier choices at home and eating out. Keeping a daily diary of…


Sonja’s knowledge and support is like no other. She has helped me reach my goals and put strategies in place to keep it off! I also love her approach to the mind and body connection. We not only worked on my physical appearance but my energy as well! I would recommend her highly! Thank you,…


Sonja’s natural ability to motivate and inspire is life changing. She has helped me changed from being the invisible women to a healthy, happy me. I have lost over 60 lbs so far and with her help, will continue until I reach my ultimate goal.


Sonja really helped me make the changes I needed to be able to slim down and be more active. I recommend her to anyone!


Sonja Kabell helped me lose 40 lbs. Along with her encouragement and coaching, I lost the weight and feel better. I also love her supplements – they make me feel great and have more energy.


I feel so lucky to have found Sonja to help me loose the extra weight that I just could not get off myself. Investing in myself with Sonja was the best investment a woman could ever have asked for. Teaching me to watch what I eat, my portion sizes, exercise needs, and how my emotional…


After deciding that I didn’t know what healthy was, I decided I needed help. I gave myself the gift of a healthy lifestyle for my birthday last year by hiring Sonja. Sonja has helped me lose 20 pounds. I feel better, I look better and my blood work has greatly improved. My husband vicariously lost…


Accountability is a key factor in achieving life’s goals. Sonja provides it to help you lose your goal weight in a healthy way!! She incorporates the key factors in life: health, emotional, social and spiritual which leads to a balance healthy life.


Sonja knows nutrition! Excellent focus on whole foods and coaching on what we will ready do in our real lives.