Personal Development

Facilitating Grandeur 2019

The definition of facilitate is to make something easy. Grandeur means splendor, amazing and magnificent.  This year, my intention is to help facilitate grandeur for anyone I encounter. Why do you ask? Why not? Why not create an opportunity to help people see that our lives can be as big and as fabulous as they want it to be?  

As I listen to people, most seem to be feeling stressed, worried, uncertain, negative, glass half empty. Most people live a small life, with small hope and dreams.  

What if you could create anything you wanted in your life? What would it take to create grandeur?  What if life is truly magnificent, magical and amazing?  It is a 2-millimeter change in your prospective.

What if we all could help facilitate the idea of wonderful, magnificent and amazing world?  What if we wake up each morning and decided today was the day to color outside the box, to swim upstream, to live out loud, to smile at everyone we came across? 

What if today is the day to stand up and request from the universe all the things we want. Today is the day to thank God for all the things we have and feel the gratitude for them.

How do you plan to live in grandeur this year? Please share your thoughts.

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