Creating a Fresh Start

I just love this time of year.  It is a start of a new season, a rebirth of sorts. The trees and flowers being to open symbolizing a fresh start.

Sometimes we need a fresh start in our personal lives. We get bogged down in our routine, feel stressed out and create a heaviness for ourselves.  What would it be like to give our bodies lightness and a renewed spirt? A fresh start?

One of the ways I have found to really create an opportunity for lightness, a renewed body and mind, is receiving a healing touch therapy called Reiki.  Reiki has been around since the early 1900’s discovered by Mukao Ushui. Reiki helps clear the body of heavy energy and promotes wellness. I started receiving Reiki treatments after a stressful period dealing with an ill and aging parent. I had a high stress level, felt anxious and could not sleep at night. I went to my friend who was a Reiki Practitioner and after the first treatment, I felt lighter, happier and clearer about the situation. I decided to learn the practice myself and became a Reiki Master and Practitioner. I wanted to offer this healing touch therapy to my clients so they could feel better as well.

What is Reiki? Reiki is the science and art of activation, directing and applying natural universal life energy, called your chi, to create overall wellness in the body. Reiki also aids in deep relaxation, assist in the body’s natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. It helps people cope with difficulties, relieves emotional stress, and improves overall health. Reiki creates a fresh start of sorts.

Is it time for you to create a fresh start, to renew your wellness and create opportunities to be your best? Why not give Reiki a try?

Reike Therapy

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